Situation Report ini gikan sa PIA-Surigao del Norte last June 28: On Meningoccocemia Scare in Surigao City  

City Health Officer Aldine Morales in a press conference last Friday urged the local residents of Surigao City not to panic and stay calm amid the “meningococcemia scare” among residents in the city.

“There is no cause for alarm” he said adding that meningococcemia is already contained and controlled. The city health office made the assurance to the people that this disease is curable in the wake of the “alleged meningooccocemia case” in the city that resulted to a death of a 51-yr old pre-school teacher last Thursday, June 26 which panicked the residents.

Morales clarified that they are still waiting for the laboratory result which will be released next week (kuman na ini na semana). He informed the media that they have already given medications to the family and close contacts of the victim.

Morales also said that the disease is very serious and highly communicable and is very fatal, one should be cautious of the symptoms and signs like coughing, sore throat, pinpoint rashes which is become wider and appear like bruises starting on the legs and arms.

He then urged the public to be concerned with their personal hygiene and to clean their surroundings to prevent any spread of the bacteria.

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